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Your Estimate Form has been sent to Maestra Web Design. I will respond within 48 hours.
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While you’re waiting, why not get your materials and information ready?

Most materials can be emailed to, but for larger files like MP3s and video it’s best to use Dropbox or another file sharing service. If you are already going to use Dropbox, consider using this to upload all your final materials, then simply share the folder with me.

Materials Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist of materials and information that I’ll need from you to get started (you can also download this list in PDF):

  • outline of menu structure and page titles
  • final written materials (proof-read and files clearly labelled according to the page you want them to appear)
  • all your photos and images (including logos, CD covers etc) – full screen size is usually big enough for web purposes, larger if you want printable downloads
  • specify if/where you would like cropping and/or correcting on photos, and which are for the gallery, which are for other pages, which for high resolution (printable) download
  • information and credits for photos – name of photographer, production, company, other people in the photo
  • any links to YouTube (pre-posted YouTube videos are much easier and cheaper to embed than unprocessed video)
  • any audio and/or video clips you want to include, and exact timing for editing (I suggest 60 – 90 second selections rather than giving away whole tracks)
  • information and credits for audio/video – production, company, conductor, other people singing/playing
  • permission from production companies, unions and/or other musicians to include audio/video on your site
  • a list of sales items (if applicable), along with descriptions, pricing, tax and shipping details
  • a PayPal or other payment processing merchant account if you plan to do online sales
  • ftp and control panel login information for your host provider (if you already have one)
  • domain name registrar link and login (if you already have a domain)

Materials checklist PDF

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