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About Maestra Web Design

I’m Mary Bella, the “Maestra” of Maestra Web Design

I specialize in websites for singers, instrumental musicians and arts organizations. That’s my “niche” but I’m always open to other projects – I’ve created and maintained websites for choirs, orchestras, photographers, agents, authors, visual artists as well as community groups and charitable organizations..

Why Maestra?

I know how important it is to have a professional-looking website that reflects your unique artistic personality or your company’s individual branding. Whether the image you’re looking to project is serious, classic, contemporary or funky, Maestra Web Design can develop a website to suit your needs, your time-frame, and your budget.

I specialize in websites for singers, instrumental musicians, arts and charitable organizations.

Training and Background

While my post-secondary education is in music, I have been designing websites for 20 years. (Yes, I started out when websites were a NEW idea!). I have also worked in arts administration and served as director on several arts boards.  I am always learning about new techniques and technologies that will better serve my clients. My attention to detail, my problem solving skills and my artistic eye all lend themselves to web design.

Maestra is International

Although based in Toronto, Canada, Maestra Web Design serves clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia, so distance is never a problem when designing your site. I often design websites without ever meeting the client in person! We can consult by phone and email, and you can email or “snail mail” your materials (documents, photos, CDs/MP3s). If you are in Toronto and wish to meet in person, we can also arrange a “face-to-face” personal consultation.

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Why do you need a website?

If you’re a company, it’s obvious. A website is a prerequisite to selling tickets and merchandise,  fundraising, raising your profile as an organization, and establishing legitimacy and permanence in the public eye.  The company website incorporates your branding, your events, your social media links and all your staff and company info, all in one easy to navigate, user-friendly place. It can also be where you post news and blog about industry-related topics.

For artists and other creatives, a well-designed website not only keeps your current fans informed of your upcoming engagements and news, but also makes you much more accessible to the general public, employers, and the press. Unlike social media, you have total control over what appears on your website – you can “curate” and tailor what you present towards your audience and potential employers.

Helping you help yourself

Once your site is up and running, you have the option to update and maintain it yourself, or “in house”. I recommend WordPress for many clients, as it offers a user-friendly online Dashboard. I offer in person or video-call training to get you started, and can answer any questions that come up down the road.

Of course, if you prefer, I can maintain and update your site for a very competitive hourly rate, or we can set up a monthly maintenance plan.

Maestra offers:

  • Reasonable rates, flexible packages
  • Clean, modern, easy-to-navigate website design
  • Personal consultations, attention to detail and to your specific requirements
  • As much or as little personal involvement from you as you want
  • Registration & set up of your domain, hosting and email services
  • Maintenance of your site and registration with search engines